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These rule are here to make sure that everyone plays safely.

Please ensure that your child is aware of each rule and you attend the party on time so that the games marshal's can run through the rules with them prior to playing Laser Storm.

Age Suitability: 5-11 year olds.

Any team entering the Laser Arena must first agree to these terms of play

  • Players must NOT climb up the slides

  • Please wear socks at all times, no shoes allowed.

  • Players must NOT throw the balls

  • Players must NOT engage in physical contact

  • Players must NOT exit the play frame during the game (Players can leave the play frame for a drink, the loo, a rest, in case of injury, and for any reason of need other than that of gaining a tactical advantage)

  • Players MUST obey the Laser Storm Marshal's whilst in the centre

  • Do not swing the gun around / drop the gun

  • Parents/Guardians MUST make the games marshal's aware of any special requirements (e.g. asthma, diabetes, vegetarianism) of any of the players on arrival.

COVID-19 and keeping you safe 

  • Adults are welcome to sit in the cafe whilst the games takes place. 

  • The centre will be private use and not open to the public

  • If siblings are attending (not part of the group booking), they will not be able to play on the play frame, the under 3's area will be open to use.

  • Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell

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